Packaging Engineering Optimization

Meaningful savings from strategy through commercialization

Our team of optimization specialists equip procurement, finance, and packaging engineering leadership teams with the strategy to drive cost savings beyond strategic sourcing. Our value stream model enables organizations to pinpoint optimization opportunities throughout their procurement and production process to deliver meaningful savings, quickly.

Packaging Engineering Optimization

Whether you need packaging remediation or are bringing a new product to market, the Seismic O + E team will employ our design to value model to reduce damage, improve sustainability, increase quality and identify savings opportunities throughout your manufacturing process.

Line Optimization

Through translation of the real-world production process into a value stream model, the Seismic O + E team enables organizations to pinpoint different steps of the procurement/production process to identify cost savings opportunities at each level.

Common Projects

Packaging sustainability strategy and optimization
Design to Value projects
Pallet Optimization
Rate Card Optimization
Performance-based specification management
Line Optimization
Should cost modeling
Packaging remediation for damage mitigation and quality improvement

What Makes Us Different?

Material and supplier agnostic to find the best fit for your needs
Customer insights delivered through a suite of proprietary digital tools
Integrated design and analytics enable a step-change in margin growth
Skilled subject matter experts with experience identifying and executing optimization opportunities in areas you wouldn’t think to look
Long-term partners to keep your manufacturing departments optimized from inbound materials through outbound finished product delivery

Industries We Serve