Seismic O + E

Optimize the value of your packaging, from concept through commercialization.

Who We Are

Our Seismic Optimization and Engineering team specializes in transforming the value of your packaging. Our specialists pair our data-driven methodology with engineering and design solutions to identify actionable opportunities for cost savings.

Seismic O + E Services

Design to Value Engineering for Packaging Optimization
Quality Improvement and Damage Mitigation
Identify Packaging Workstream Savings across the Manufacturing Process
Identify opportunities for automation and increased productivity / OEE
Should-cost modeling enables fact-based negotiation with suppliers
Pallet Optimization to increase density and reduce 3pl, warehouse, and outbound freight costs
Create performance-based packaging specifications engineered to custom supply conditions
Analyze the environmental impact of packaging decisions
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The O + E Advantage

Material and supplier agnostic to find the best solution for your needs & deliver unparalleled savings
Customer insights delivered through a suite of proprietary digital tools
Integrated design and analytics enable a step-change in margin growth
Skilled subject matter experts with experience identifying optimization opportunities and executing optimization projects in areas you wouldn’t think to look
Long-term partners to keep your manufacturing departments optimized from inbound materials through outbound finished product delivery

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