ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)

At the Seismic Group, we make it our mission to be aware of our impact, environmentally, socially, and throughout our organization. We not only insist upon transparency internally, but help to provide visibility into our client’s operational impact to help them make responsible choices.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Seismic Group cultivates a culture that values diversity and embraces equity as a core value. We celebrate our unique strengths, perspectives and differences guided by the principles of respect and inclusion. It is our desire to create a workplace where our team can authentically live their best life, both professionally and personally. This approach to business has consistently enabled us to deliver the outcomes our clients expect and deserve.

Environmental Impact

As the exclusive North American Business Development partner of PulPac, the Seismic Group is well-positioned to not only make sustainable sourcing decisions, but to help our clients to as well. PulPac’s patented technology is leading the way in sustainable dry molded fiber and provides an exceptional replacement for single-use plastics.

Community Involvement

The Seismic Group actively gives back to the community through our Seismic Cares program. We are proud to devote a portion of our resources to the following organizations:

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